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Why Choose Us?

In my work I look for a great quality, and this feature I want to convey to those who buy my work.

Each black and white print is personally printed by me, in contact with a large negative format 4x10 "- 8x10" - 8x20 ", on silver-chloride paper developed in amidol. The print is treated in a double fixing bath, washing and  selenium toning bath, to have the best archival quality.                                                   Each print is then mounted dry, on cardboard ArtCare © 2ply 100% cotton with Microchamber Technology, certainly one of the best supports for photography, for a perfect conservation.

The passe-partout is then created with the same support. Each print is numbered and signed on the back, and signed in the front.

Since they are contact prints, they do not provide magnification, so the prints are the same size as the negative

4x10 "= 10.1 x 25.4cm

8x10 "= 20.3 x 25.4 cm

8x20 "= 20.3 x 50.8 cm

For some jobs, I can supply some prints in larger sizes, printed on baryta paper and professional ink-jet printing on request. Obviously, even in this case every print is certified in order to have archival quality. The prints are made by the best Fine Art print workers, while the negatives scans are performed by Castoscan Hi-End, on a drum scanner.

My color prints are printed on baryta paper, with professional inkjet printers,or in some case using a Lambda printing on Fuji archival paper,  with long lasting colors.

Adopting a hybrid system (negative / digital) my negatives are professionally scanned and after a light post-production, for contrast and color adjustment, they are professionally printed.

Stefano loves his job and shows an incredible patience, very useful to obtain the final results he was looking for. He has also a solid background and willing to learn and to improve. For all these reasons I recommend him as one of the best photographs I've met.

Giuseppe Guercio
Padova - Italy

About Us

Stefano Germi


the G.S. Photo Fine Art is my personal gallery where you can buy my photographic work. I strongly wanted this opportunity, to give people, collectors and the galleries themselves the opportunity to purchase my Fine Art prints, both the Black and White ones, and the color work.


You can visit me to my Studio's and darkroom, to appointment, to look for prints or have workshop to black and white developing and printing, or only to have a coffee and talking about photo and art.


Via Filippo Corridoni, 12 - 59100 Prato Italy

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10:00 AM — 6:00 PM


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